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Setting up IT Systems
Managing IT Systems

IT systems set up

We aim to make the design and installation of new IT systems as simple and efficient as possible. We’ll meet with you to understand your requirements, and we’ll work with you to agree a solution that fits both your budget and your business needs. We’ll then install and set up the system and make sure you are completely happy with the result.


We can then provide 24/7 support, and will always be on hand to discuss what next steps might be appropriate for your business.

We are accredited suppliers of:

Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft logos

IT systems management

We know that most people don’t go into business to maintain IT systems. We can provide 24/7 IT support to make sure your IT system allows you to run your business as you wish to.

Our accreditations: 

  • Microsoft Preferred Partner

  • ESET Professional Partner

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)




VoIP Communications

We can help your business reduce costs and improve efficiency by transferring your telephone services to VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is the future of telephony – in fact it will be the only form of telephony in the UK after 2025 when traditional ‘land lines’ will be phased out. We have many years of experience of supporting businesses in moving to VOIP; without exception our customers have been delighted with the outcome.


Our VOIP systems:

We have teamed up with Voxbit and Voipfon, leading VOIP suppliers in the telecommunciations industry.

Cyber security

In today’s world of cyber threats you need to ensure that your business network, data and communications are completely safe and impregnable to hackers and outside threats. Having the right type of security built in to your IT system is crucial to protect both your business and your customers. Having been in the IT security industry for 15 years we are best positioned to give up to date, knowledgeable advice to ensure that your business conforms to IT security protocols.

Crisis management
Website Design

Crisis management

We can help if you are faced with a critical IT problem; whether you are experiencing a complete systems failure, a damaging computer virus, a ransomware attack or any other IT issue that is immediately endangering your business. We have the experience and expertise to solve the problem quickly and without drama.


We are partnered with the world’s premier disaster recovery solution provider SolarWinds in order to provide remote management software, secure backup and all forms of disaster recovery solutions.

If disaster strikes we can ensure you are back to normal within hours, with no loss of data and with minimal disruption to your business … saving you time and money and keeping you up and running.

Website design & hosting

Working with with locally based trusted partners we can help you develop a professional online presence by developing, hosting and maintaining websites and making sure they work effectively on phones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops. We know that having a website is one thing, but keeping it fresh and current is another. Adding new information to your website regularly will help your business’s prominence on search engines like Google – our partners can help you keep your website up to date.


Our partners can also support you in setting up social media accounts and help you develop engaging content for the ever increasing range of social media platforms.

Bespoke software design
Home User

Bespoke software design

Sometimes off the shelf software just doesn’t meet the specific needs of your business. We are experienced in developing tailored software solutions precisely designed to meet the needs of your unique business.


We work closely with the best software developers to ensure that even the most individual needs can be catered for and supported.

Home user

If you are looking for reliable and responsive support for your home IT set up we can help. From minor glitches, to issues with routers, extending WI-FI, PC health, software updates or virus protection. Even just a chat about what new device to buy – we’re not biased and will offer good advice.  We can support just you, or every device for every member of your household. Either just get in touch as you need us or we offer monthly support packages so you know we’re always on hand to help.

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